Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are Female Speed Skaters Wearing Underwear?

Cultural event additional Rules for trading

The editor of "Page Break" Agüero Pablo Mazo, presented in the book Santander 'Coven. Anthology of contemporary English horror tale " an unsettling collection of literary chills. To do this will be attended by one of its authors, the Spaniard Marc R. Soto.

The anthology collects stories of Alfredo Alamo, Juan Ramón de Viedma, Emilio Bueso, Matthias Candeira, Eximeno Santiago, Cristina Fernandez Cubas, David Jasso, José María Latorre, Alberto Lopez Aroca, Lorenzo Luengo, Ismael Martínez Biurrun, Angel Olgoso, Felix J . Palma, Pilar Pedraza, Juan Jose Plans, Miguel Puente, Marc R. Soto, Norberto Luis Romero, Care Santos, José Carlos Somoza, José María Tamparillas, David Torres, José Miguel Vilar-Bou and Marian Womack. An impressive list of authors for a book must, without doubt, will delight readers intelligent horror fans.


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